Why I Started AMPOS

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Business and technology are the two defining forces of our age. In combination, they have done more to raise the living standards of people around the world than perhaps any other factor.

My graduate and post-graduate degrees were focused on these same fields, as were the companies I joined and founded during my professional career. Real progress was being made in both areas. Our modern world is so well-developed compared to previous generations, and I am certain that additional growth in business and technology can make the future even better.

Experience has provided me with two important lessons which caused me to grow concerned. The first is that as fields develop, they become more complicated. True expertise in business or technology now requires a lifetime commitment to learning.

My second realization was that specialists tend to drill down in their own area of expertise, and lose touch with developments in other fields. Today’s business leaders generally cite technology, and especially data, as the number one area in their operations where they lack enough knowledge to make smart decisions, and technology experts rarely know how to build strong business use cases that leadership can effectively utilize.

The consequence is that our two most valuable assets – business acumen and technology tools – are failing to take advantage of each other’s strengths. Surface-level connections are everywhere, from company intranet networks to Zoom meetings, but it is much harder to find businesses that genuinely leverage the power of technology to maintain a leadership position in the market.

Today’s technology innovations include tools that can revolutionize the business world from the inside out, solving problems in HR and across the business by giving executives a clearer picture of the road ahead. But like all tools, they work only when someone knows how to operate them. A self-diagnosis on the internet may be possible, but you should definitely see a doctor if you’re sick.

Gaining access to the best of both worlds

I was fortunate enough to start out as a technologist at Amazon, where I then worked to become a business leader. Over time, I learned how to apply technology to solve real-world business challenges.

I also saw, up close, how businesses and people would benefit when the lessons of each field complemented each other in a constructive way. My years working at Amazon (later evolving into (Amazon Web Services (AWS)) gave me clear insight into this process, as I played a role in developing what would become an essential digital resource for millions of businesses.

The value of these services was unmistakable, as they helped our business clients lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. Yet they weren’t a complete solution; most businesses would need local experts to help them take advantage of the cloud, in order to get the most out of the AWS system.

I founded AMPOS to fill precisely this role of helping businesses integrate technology at a ground level. Though AWS cloud services are tremendously powerful, they nevertheless require a capable engineer to activate that power. By helping our clients embrace this and other data technologies, AMPOS bridges the gap between the business and tech worlds. This is why AMPOS’s own technology platforms are built on AWS technologies. 

It has been especially gratifying to see clients benefit from using our People Engagement Platform. Employees gain a powerful tool for communicating with their colleagues and receiving recognition for their efforts, while leadership gains meaningful insights into employee sentiment, behaviors, and potential. All of this combines to help clients in dynamic working environments to better understand their employees and drive desired cultural transformation. 

After following our data-driven approach to management, our clients show noticeable improvements in their organizational culture and employee engagement, which in turn enhance overall performance.

As it happens, the current moment provides a singular opportunity for businesses to reshape their internal culture. With companies and their personnel moving to accommodate a hybrid (virtual + on-site) employment approach, the work environment is far more fluid than usual – allowing for creative adjustments to be made and new standards to be implemented. It’s rare for leaders to have such a clean opportunity to move the ball forward on a cultural level, and such an opportunity should not be missed.

The right combination of business acumen, with data and technology, will help organizations solve the challenges of hybrid work, but their value to modern business extends much further. By making forward-looking policy adjustments from a position of knowledge, businesses can position themselves well for a new generation of growth. From here, companies and their workforces alike can focus more effectively on their deeper mission: To innovate, inspire, and make the world better for us all.

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