The AMPOS Culture Change Platform in Practice

Even at the best of times, efficient internal communication should be a top priority for organizations in every sector. There is always a need to onboard new employees, train personnel to work with updated systems and processes, reinforce a positive and purposeful culture, keep people engaged, recognize outstanding employees, and help team members learn from each other.

During periods of organizational change, the need for fast and effective communication becomes even more pronounced. As any business leader knows, the ability to reorient the entire team and keep everyone on the same page, without any real disconnect, is much easier said than done. Yet the challenge becomes twice as great while part or all of your team is working from home.

We created our own Culture Change Platform to meet exactly this challenge. As a digital communication tool, the platform lets organizations distribute updates, training, quizzes, and other types of information to exactly the right people throughout your company. Just as importantly, it lets administrators see exactly who has received and read each update, who has finished the quizzes and other gamified materials, and how they performed.

To better illustrate the benefits of our Culture Change Platform, it is worth looking at an example of its real-world application. We recently set up the platform for a Thailand-based business in the retail segment, and observed its impact during a period of major operational change. This client faced an enormous challenge when COVID hit Thailand, and used our platform to completely reinvent their sales strategy.

Their story is described below.

Digital solutions for a digital future

Our client is a well-known retail operation with thousands of employees, whose main business model was selling through their retail outlets at airports around Thailand.

They began using the AMPOS Culture Change Platform to embed their service culture in their staff, and communicate current sales messaging across their organization. This type of coordination had been a real challenge, as so many of their sales team were spread across the country at many sites.

Through our platform, our retail customer was able to:  

  • Improve communication and reach sales staff across the country – every day, several times a day, even with things like pushing daily sales specials
  • Teach the service culture to team members through online lessons and testing
  • Establish the culture change and monitor progress by tracking employee behavior and mapping it back to their core values

This initiative was going extremely well, with management tracking the progress in real-time and making targeted investments where needed to accelerate and entrench the change. And then disaster struck when COVID-19 hit Thailand. Suddenly:

  • All the retail stores at the airport – their biggest and most lucrative channel – were shut down
  • Sales revenue dropped, putting serious pressure on the company’s policy of not laying off workers
  • The situation showed no signs of improving anytime soon

To combat this unprecedented challenge to the heart of their business, the management team proposed the “big idea”: Moving their business from an offline store to an online store. 

Such a change held promise, but it would bring its own challenges as well. Success would require a drastic realignment of their business, including their sales people and processes. Luckily, the company already had the AMPOS Culture Change Platform ready for use, and they could immediately apply it to this new goal.

First, they needed to collect all essential information about how to promote and sell online, as well as the new processes, and distribute it throughout their business. Using our platform, they had their entire team, including back and front office staff, go through an online learning journey using our communication and tracking features. In addition, daily communications were made to provide easy-to-digest, easy-to-follow advice in the form of daily tips and other simple best practices to help embed the learning.

After the staff were trained and ready to sell, our client used our reward and recognition features to identify top sellers and top branches, create leaderboards, and incentivize performance using targeted rewards. 

For instance, they announced “top sales of the month” recognition to deserving employees, awarded special stars redeemable for company merchandise, and offered surprise gifts directly from management each month.

The company also used our communications features to capture and measure employee sentiment on an ongoing basis, to make sure morale remained high and company messaging was effective at motivating employees. It was especially important to monitor the retail sales people, as they were very outgoing and had been accustomed to frequent customer and colleague interaction. Special efforts were therefore needed to keep them engaged and their morale monitored. When positive sentiment dropped, managers could quickly and effectively track the change, target the affected employees, and work to boost morale.

  • As a result of this well-orchestrated communications initiative using our platform, our client was able to:
  • Retrain their sales and back office staff to be online sellers
  • Keep their pledge and retain their staff
  • Successfully sell online and rebuild their sales revenue

All the while, employees were kept in the loop and could give both feedback and suggestions to management, using the same AMPOS platform.

Flexibility for a changing world

Many companies, particularly those operating in multiple locations, have struggled mightily to maintain internal coordination during the pandemic. Yet even through this challenging situation, the AMPOS Culture Change Platform more than lived up to its promise – playing a central role in helping our client adapt to an entirely new sales approach.

For everyday onboarding and training, regular culture and process reinforcement, the recognition of employee excellence, and many other internal communication goals, our platform provides the smoothest and most effective way forward.

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