The AMPOS Culture Change Platform: A Case Study in the Healthcare Industry

Every organization relies on effective coordination among its employees, both within and between departments. Best practices must be embraced at every level, even when new technology or changing conditions forces processes to be updated. At the same time, workers at all levels need a clear understanding of how their own efforts fit into the company’s larger direction and goals – and those efforts must be recognized and rewarded appropriately.

This sense of unity and belonging, together with other elements of organizational culture, are essential for maintaining morale and inspiring effective teamwork. When a healthy culture is established, better performance outcomes tend to result. Without a well-developed culture, or if changes in a culture are not clearly communicated and absorbed by the entire workforce, mistakes will be made more often, and morale is likely to suffer.

The AMPOS Culture Change Platform is designed to improve internal communications, enabling greater organizational coherence and synergy. The platform uses advanced digital tools to share vital information, and is effective when establishing, maintaining, or changing the culture within an organization.

One of our clients, a major healthcare company, used our Culture Change Platform to standardize its processes and procedures following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following case study illustrates how our platform helped the client effectively coordinate the activities of over 4,000 employees across multiple sites in Thailand, during a critical period.

Establishing a culture of learning

This healthcare company had already been an AMPOS client even before the pandemic began. They had relied upon our platform to communicate with, and provide learning to, their medical employees.

After COVID-19 began to impact Thailand, our Culture Change Platform became the go-to solution for their medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, and service providers, to share critical virus-related information with their peers. This information included news, as well as real-time lessons learned, gathered from within the world’s medical community.

At the same time, daily protocol updates needed to be communicated efficiently across all of their locations, in order to maintain the highest quality of service for every patient. In such a sensitive field as medicine, with best practices changing frequently during the pandemic, clear and comprehensive communication would be more important than ever.

The AMPOS platform includes a feature that lets administrators in any location make sure that each message is opened and read by its intended recipients. Our client could therefore ensure that every staff member received, and also acknowledged, all protocol changes on a daily basis.

In addition to this confirmation of receipt, the AMPOS platform also allows the use of learning modules to test each employee’s ability to understand messages correctly. Gamification opportunities are likewise included, to reinforce learning and reward hard-working employees who are active on the platform. Our system also lets administrators collect, curate, and distribute daily messages from employees, to create a positive sense of community across the organization.

Our healthcare client incorporated all of these features in its response to the pandemic. As a result, new operational protocols quickly became standardized and more resilient, with employees at every location kept up to speed. The communications system also allowed other, non-medical adjustments to be made smoothly. 

Passing the test

Since COVID-19 began to affect operations, our client has been using the AMPOS Culture Change Platform even more heavily than before. As a result, their daily communication acknowledgment percentage is now routinely 95% or more, jumping from a previous average of 80%.

Our client has also eased their employees’ learning curve, by incorporating learning modules into their messaging. Employees can now learn faster, and are better tested. Those same staff members, as well as their patients, also feel a greater sense of safety in the healthcare environment. The combination of clear and regular messaging, combined with attentive supervisors who respond quickly to in-system feedback, has resulted in higher confidence levels in the workplace – and exactly the type of teamwork that can deliver better patient outcomes.

Thanks to effective information sharing, our client’s medical personnel were able to make better decisions, and take timely actions to improve service quality. They were ultimately able to handle the surge in COVID cases, saving patients’ lives.

We at AMPOS are proud to help our clients build strong cultures. Thanks to better internal communication, they are able to keep employees informed, engaged, and united – even during times of crisis. Solutions like ours ensure that essential services, like healthcare, are there when people need them most.

To find out more about the AMPOS Culture Change Platform, or any other service, contact us today.