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To deal with the fast-changing and unexpected challenges of a dynamic working environment, AMPOS provides an engaging, scalable, and sustainable people and organizational culture change solution. AMPOS enables leadership to achieve business results through its feature-rich modules on behavior change, learning and development, communications, and sentiment, that drive changes in employees’ behaviors for culture change and business outcomes.


Communicate Better

Announcements, Employee Feedback, Survey, and Messaging capabilities grouped by departments support a two-way channel to enhance communication efficiency. 

Recognize Employee Behavior

Positive, real-time, and frequent feedback with gamification interactions to create a collaborative and productive atmosphere around the workplace.

Learning and Development

Blended learning that seamlessly integrates digital, workshop/classroom, and live experiences into purpose-driven learning journeys.

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What others say about AMPOS

“Firstly, my boss would like to use it for learning, but what we got is its side effect and it is even moreimpactful than
Udomsak Sirilertchaiyakul
Senior HRM Manager of Bangkok Hospital Group

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