Key takeaway from ‘Applying Best Marketing and Communications Practices to HR’

Another successful webinar by John DaSilva, Managing Director of Data & Technology Consulting at AMPOS, alongside Mr. Wisit Jirutitijaroen, Head of HR in Thailand & Vietnamfor Johnson & Johnson on ‘Applying Best Marketing and Communications Practices to HR’ last Thursday May 26th, 2022, 10am onward.

Key takeaway:
📌📌 4 Main Marketing Strategies for HR that was discussed during the webinar by both speakers were:
1. Social Listening: A collection of data on our consumers’ activities to gain deeper insights into their wants and needs. With HR it is important to listen to the voices of employees as this allows the company to measure engagement, manage change and recognize feedback from these activities.
2. Influencer Marketing: an online marketing that uses influencers who are trendsetters to promote their products. It is important to choose an influencer that fits your target audience, for example, Kim Kardashian to promote cosmetic brands. However, AMPOS will focus on influencers who focus on HR or technology, which is a niche, but maximizes the value as it will lead us to our target audience.
Creating engaging activities within the organization that add value to employees so that they enjoy participating and collaborating more with other employees. Developing effective and open-minded staff to attract more potential. Johnson & Johnson aims to attract and treat people equally and emphasis on having their voices heard, supporting gender quality – LGBTQ+ – and allowing everyone to have their own identity.
3. Lead Nurturing: is a strategy aimed at gradually engaging “potential” customers and building good relationships with them in the hope that they will one day become our customers by providing them with appropriate and targeted information.
Here we can use the AIDA process (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to identify the objective and marketing execution in customer engagement and post-action communication.
Most importantly, We need to select the appropriate message, target and frequency to our consumer for them to have an optimal response.
4. Content Marketing: “Content is king.” This is probably the phrase we hear often. Creating interesting and useful messages for your target audience will make them more likely to engage with you. Not only with the goal of increasing sales, but also to generate interest and sell people on the benefits of products/services so they become future customers.
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