Can Technology really replace Human Resources Department?


Many people are concerned about how businesses are beginning to incorporate more cutting-edge technology into their operations. These days, the terms “robot” or “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) are commonly used, which raises questions about how this will affect their job roles. HR, like many functions, is not immune to the rapid pace of technological change as the use of technology to solve business challenges grows exponentially. Rather than fear for their roles, HR should embrace these technologies as a way to add ever increasing value to their business.

Let’s start with the fact that many companies are now using AI chatbots an on-line web portals to provide information to employees about routine equerries such as benefits and time off.

For the employee, they can get this information in real time, even 3am. For HR, this approach frees them from one of the most time consuming and low value activities they perform, answering routine questions.

When viewed as an ally, HR should be unconcerned by the notion that technology will take away their jobs; but rather view technology as an ally in making their work even more valuable.

Here are three areas where AI HR tech can help HR add more value to their organization.

  1. Recruitment
    In the past, telephone and faxes were utilized to look for jobs and submit applications rather than the internet and email. Today, however, we have the ability to advertise job positions, specify the characteristics needed, and choose candidates from an online applicant information monitoring system. When combined with the power of AI to initially screen candidates, including determining whether they fulfill the requirements, HR can save countless hours in screening unqualified applicants. By going further, and using AI to monitor the interviewees’ facial expressions and body language during an interview, AI can even tell if someone is being less than truthful or providing genuine responses. Een with this power, humans are still essential for more complex tasks, such as hiring employees based on attitudes or assessing whether or not their personalities are suitable for the firm.
  2. Problem solving, employee assistance and training
    Human Resources is still needed for their social skills rather than automation when negotiating with employees for increment or resignation.
  3. Employee Insight Analysis
    Another crucial component or any modern HR is people analytics. Once conducted through exit interviews and anecdotal evidence, technology today, thanks to cloud-based services, big data and machine learning, is making it easier to derive critical people insights. The more data that can be examined in real time, the better HR can respond to workplace challenges. Today, HR can follow trends and examine employee turnover, and even predict when employees are in danger of resigning, allowing them to focus on employee engagement to solve these issues.
    At AMPOS, we have several technology solutions to help free up HR from routine tasks, allowing them to add more value to their organization. From our Culture Change Platform, which assists HR in making communication within the organization better and more engaging, to Lightning Data Intelligence (LDI), a people insights and analytics tool helping HR make better decisions, all require human resources expertise to take high value actions in support of their business objectives.

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