AWS Keynote Speech Recognizes AMPOS Success in Transforming Communities

Bangkok, Thailand, July 2021 – Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most popular cloud services provider, singled out Bangkok-based AMPOS Solutions Inc. for praise during the keynote speech of its July 14 ASEAN Partner Summit Online 2021 webinar. In particular, AWS highlighted the humanitarian value provided by AMPOS’s employee relationship management (ERM) solution, which is being used by hospitals to help drive the efforts of thousands of medical personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mr. Bancha Dhammarungruang, CEO of AMPOS Group, commented on the speech: “We’re honored to have our efforts recognized by AWS, and immensely proud that our People Engagement Platform has been able to help Thailand’s doctors and nurses during the pandemic. This type of community support is central to our mission as an organization, and illustrates the importance of great employee engagement in our modern world.” 

The keynote address was delivered by Conor McNamara, Managing Director of AWS ASEAN, as part of a formal introduction to the first standalone AWS Partner Summit. Attendees from around Southeast Asia joined the webinar, whose stated aims included celebrating the AWS technology and consulting partners who carry out best practices for cloud customers across ASEAN. 

Regarding the positive effect AMPOS’s efforts have had on the wider community, Mr. McNamara’s remarks were as follows: 

  • Another example is AMPOS Solutions in Thailand, who developed an ERM solution to support more than 15,000 frontline doctors and nurses in leading hospitals on the front line of the COVID pandemic to assist with their day-to-day tasks, including daily reports. AMPOS provides accurate tracking and communication regarding supplies and delivery, and daily reports to track the infection status for frontline care workers. 
  • It’s really, really inspiring to see how you and the AWS Cloud have come together to help our ASEAN customers during this challenging time. These achievements have been creating and fueling the momentum that we are seeing across our business in Southeast Asia. 

Mr. McNamara then put AMPOS’s work in the broader context of digital systems migration across the region, adding: “Since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen a noticeable acceleration in the pace of customer adoption across all segments and industry verticals. Our ability to service this demand is directly correlated with the breadth and depth of our Partner ecosystem.”

As a leading tech and data consulting business in Bangkok, AMPOS develops, implements, and manages advanced HR solutions approved by AWS and built with AWS technology. AMPOS is an AWS Select Tier Technology Partner, whose People Engagement Platform exemplifies “the growing strength and delivery competency within our AWS Partner community here in ASEAN,” in the words of Mr. McNamara. 

AMPOS Solutions (part of AMPOS Group) is a Digital Transformation technology company founded in 2016 with a team of 45+ technology and consulting professionals based in Bangkok, Thailand helping organizations bridge the divide between technology and business solutions. Evolving from a start-up company dedicated to assisting organizations in driving behavior change with our behavior and culture change platform, AMPOS has grown to be a leading provider in Thailand of ERM software, and data management, data visualization, and data insights services. 

AMPOS’s People Engagement Platform helps companies deal with the fast-changing and unexpected challenges of a dynamic working environment, by providing an engaging, scalable, and sustainable people and organizational culture change platform, built on AWS cloud technology. AMPOS enables leadership to achieve business results through its feature-rich modules that drive changes in employees’ behaviors for culture change and business outcomes, through better communications, real-time recognition, and understanding of employee sentiment. 

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