About us

Founding Story

Technology and consulting professionals based in Bangkok, Thailand helps organizations bridge the divide between technology and business solutions.

Evolving from a start-up dedicated to assisting organizations in driving behavior change with our employee behavior and company culture change platform, AMPOS has grown to be a leading provider of data cloud management services in Southeast Asia, offering solutions from data driven talent management to prediction modeling using machine learning.

Every day, we work with our clients to help them effectively leverage technological solutions to overcome real-world business problems across their value chain. At the same time, we help senior executives understand how technology – especially technology platforms, data analytics, data insights and data prediction – can reduce costs, increase revenue, and drive better decision making to tackle a host of vexing business challenges.


To be Thailand’s leading provider of agile talent management & development solutions through our culture transformation platform, data & technology consulting, and technical support services.


To transform our customers’ business operations through data and technology insights.

To help organizations understand their employees better in order to create harmonious workplaces that foster growth and success.
To drive meaningful change within clients’ organizations through our employee behavior and company culture change platform.
To help senior executives reduce costs, increase revenue, effectively manage talent, and make better decisions under the guidance of our data & technology consulting.

Our Core Beliefs

Belief in people.

Teams reach their potential when they believe in themselves, in each other, and in their shared mission. Improvement begins by respecting people’s choices, as well as their differences. From there, leaders must understand their teams, build the right culture, and show the way forward.

Belief in technology.

All decisions are based on data. Technology that enables high-quality, accessible data can help organizations make efficient progress, set strong governing principles, and make a positive impact on the world. Yet although technology itself is neutral, we are not. We firmly believe in the importance of ethical data science, paired with secure systems and absolute client confidentiality.

Belief in our customers.

Every organization has its own set of needs, based on its level of technological development, its current business situation, and the goals it has set out to achieve. By adapting our technology services to the needs of each customer, our team delivers direct, efficient solutions that stand the test of time.

Belief in relentless improvement.

The world of business changes quickly, with innovation and adaptation at the heart of all progress. Sustainable growth therefore depends on a culture of learning, with teamwork and experimentation at its foundation. Our teams continuously collaborate on new ideas to better serve our clients – learning new lessons, keeping an open mind, and striving for even better outcomes moving forward.

Management Team

Bancha Dhammarungruang

Co-Founder & CEO of AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)

John DaSilva

Managing Director, Data & Technology Consulting of AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)

Patrick Pakanan

Managing Director, Technology and Innovation, AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)