About us

Founding Story

Technology and consulting professionals based in Bangkok, Thailand helps organizations bridge the divide between technology and business solutions.

Evolving from a start-up dedicated to assisting organizations in driving behavior change with our employee behavior and company culture change platform, AMPOS has grown to be a leading provider of data cloud management services in Southeast Asia, offering solutions from data driven talent management to prediction modeling using machine learning.

Every day, we work with our clients to help them effectively leverage technological solutions to overcome real-world business problems across their value chain. At the same time, we help senior executives understand how technology – especially technology platforms, data analytics, data insights and data prediction – can reduce costs, increase revenue, and drive better decision making to tackle a host of vexing business challenges.


To be Thailand’s leading provider of agile talent management & development solutions through our culture transformation platform, data & technology consulting, and technical support services.


To help organizations understand their employees better in order to create harmonious workplaces that foster growth and success.
To drive meaningful change within clients’ organizations through our employee behavior and company culture change platform.
To help senior executives reduce costs, increase revenue, effectively manage talent, and make better decisions under the guidance of our data & technology consulting.

Our Values

Transforming company culture requires buy-in from the people at all levels of an organization. Trust is essential, which is why we are honest and transparent about everything we do.

Employee Success
We firmly believe that a company’s success is driven by its people. That’s why we use data-driven insights to empower employees to take ownership of their roles and become personally invested in the organization’s success. When employee goals align with company goals, everyone wins together.

Everything we do – from leveraging our people engagement platform, to providing data insights and predictions, to advising senior executives – is designed to help our clients overcome real-world challenges and achieve tangible business goals.

Management Team

Bancha Dhammarungruang

Co-Founder & CEO of AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)

John DaSilva

Managing Director, Data & Technology Consulting of AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)

Patrick Pakanan

Managing Director, Technology and Innovation, AMPOS Solutions (Thailand)