5 Ways to Enhance Employee Engagement

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Employees around the world, including here in Thailand, are reevaluating their priorities. Many are leaving their current jobs in droves – a worldwide phenomenon known as ‘The Great Resignation.’

In itself, this trend is worrying enough for businesses. But when we look deeper at the root causes, we often find even greater cause for concern. It is well known that employee engagement is essential for loyalty, productivity, and a positive workplace culture. Business leaders need to listen to their employees, and show them that their contributions are valued. The companies that fail to meet the needs of their employees, risk losing them for good. 

And yet: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are increasingly demanding flexible work arrangements, including the freedom to work from home – at least part of the time. However reasonable these desires may be, their effect is to create physical distance between employees, their colleagues, and the organization they work for. This distance makes true engagement much harder to achieve and sustain over time, further weakening the ties between companies and their personnel.

The solution to this problem is not to fight the current move toward digitalization – but to embrace it intelligently. AMPOS Group’s People Engagement Platform is a powerful digital tool that helps colleagues communicate more effectively, while also giving leaders meaningful insights into employee sentiment and behaviors.

Here are 5 ways our platform can help your organization enhance employee engagement.


  1. Internal Communication

The AMPOS People Engagement Platform allows company messages to be tracked in detail, including whether each employee has opened them and for how long. For critical communications, a short quiz can be included after the message is closed to ensure that its key ideas are understood.


  1. Employee Recognition

When an employee supports a teammate, works late to meet a deadline, or exceeds expectations on an assignment, our platform enables their contribution to be recognized immediately through our in-app star sending system. Receiving stars has a powerful effect on employees and motivates them to do better, while creating an environment of support that leads to improved overall team performance.


  1. Rewards

Likewise, our platform lets organizations establish point systems that can be awarded for excellent performance or other commendable actions. These points can then be redeemed by the employee for small rewards such as coupons for coffee, mugs, massages, or other creative reward ideas. These tangible tokens of appreciation can significantly boost morale. The system can also help to track stock, to make sure that these rewards are available.


  1. Online Learning Management

Employees want to know that their company cares about their well-being and is investing in their future. The AMPOS People Engagement Platform provides an easy-to-use managed learning environment, which employees can use at their convenience for skills building, training, and even non-work-related tasks such as meditation. This type of initiative has been proven to increase employee satisfaction and retention.


  1. Employee Sentiment

People have a deep need to feel that they belong, and are listened to. Our platform lets employees give direct feedback regarding events, activities, and other aspects of their work experience. Data analytics and machine learning can also help determine employee sentiment on announcements, policies, and other business actions. These capabilities help companies spot negative sentiment trends before they have a chance to take hold.


AMPOS Group’s People Engagement Platform makes it easier to accomplish all of the above goals, helping you attract and retain top talent, so you can thrive in the hybrid work era.

If you’d like to learn more, or want to schedule a free demo, contact us today.  

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