5 Key Reasons why Employee Recognition Programs don’t succeed


Many businesses know the importance of  rewarding employees for their performance in order to create a great  culture. However, not every business that tries actually success in getting their intended results.

In speaking with AMPOS’s customers, we uncovered 5 key reasons  reward and recognition programs can fail to achieve their intended results.

1. Lack of executive involvement

One of the most common reasons why Employee Recognition programs fail is due to lack of support from the management, in communicating these programs or supporting their staff to get recognition – in short, managers often do not take the time to recognize employees.

Department leaders, for instance, should get involved in the process to encourage participation from everyone and improve recognition among coworkers.

2. Delayed Recognition

Imagine receiving rewards or recognition weeks, months, or even a year after accomplishing something great. That would be discouraging and stressful for any employee, and means management has missed a valuable opportunity to reinforce positive behaviors when they occur.

3. Criteria is too complicated

Obviously, no one wants to undergo difficult and confusing steps in order to claim a reward they have earned. An effective Employee Recognition Program must have a simple, transparent process for recognition, reward and redemption, that is convenient for managers and employees; ideally, something that is instantaneous.

4. Unfair rewards

Another common mistake is unfair rewards, where the most alluring rewards are catered toward one department or set improbably high barriers. For instance, achievement and goals of IT team often have less valuable rewards than that of other departments, especially sales. The value of rewards should be equally distributed between every department for everyone to feel that they are being treated equally, and criteria should be kept transparent for all employees.

5. Failure to consider accessibility

Regardless of how excellent the Employee Recognition Program is, if it is hard to access or engage with, the odds of it being successful is quite low. With this gap in mind, the AMPOS Culture Platform can fill the void of the accessibility with real time recognition and reward redemption, designed to be simple and easy to navigate encouraging accessibility in all the age groups.

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