5 Easy steps for organizations to retain talent during the Great Resignation


Although employee resignation is common for every business and industry, the rise in employee resignations due to the COVID-19 pandemic is new. This so called “Great Resignation” has caught many organizations unprepared, with many organizations struggling to retain and recruit talent. Even with the pandemic being downgraded in Thailand, the feelings and behaviors this has generated in employees will last for years to come. Adding to this, many employees today are looking for more from their leaders and workplaces.

In particular, the rise of hybrid and remote work cultures have made communication and engagement significantly more challenging for most businesses, especially as younger knowledge workers continue to demand more flexibility in their work schedules, while simultaneously requiring more engagement.

To meet these challenges, and drive strong cultures, HR must adapt and respond to these issues by paying more attention to the opinions, suggestion and feedback of these employees, and take action accordingly to make the employees feel heard and appreciated in order to build trust between the workforce and the management.

Here are 5 easy ways that can help organizations retain their talent:

1. Stress Belonging: Employees should feel as part of a team or an organization, working in harmony and with clear and achievable goals will help in stabilizing the work culture and retaining talents.

2. Employee Growth: Company cultures that focuses on employee growth and offer employees a clear path for their careers results in 15% more overall engagement and 34% higher retention than the companies that don’t.

3. Drive Purpose: Employees have to be invested in a company vision and mission in order to be properly motivated in the long-term, this is especially true for younger knowledge workers (think Gen Z), and given the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s objectives to give them the sense of purpose.

4. Remember Appreciation: Remember how good you felt when someone complimented you for a job well done? Employees feel the same way when colleagues, supervisors and management take the time to recognize their work. Waiting until the end of the year is too late. Good work should be recognized immediately. Nothing drives good employee behaviors as much as good, timely, 360-degree recognition.

5. Use Technology: Today’s workforce expects companies to have the right tools and technologies to make their lives better and the employee experience more enjoyable. This is also true when it comes to communication. Apps and technology that do not allow for two-way communication between management and employees often miss the mark when it comes to driving engagement. For more information about how the AMPOS Culture Platform can help you get 360-degree recognition and provide your employees with the right platform to voice their opinion effectively, speak to our sales: https://bit.ly/bcuweb1

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